I’m leaving tomorrow (January 1st), and I’m freaking out right now.

I might be the worst traveler in the history of the world. I’m fine if I travel with somebody else because if something goes wrong, there is somebody there to help figure out what to do next. But alone, I just freak out and become paranoid about everything.

I’ve already unpacked and repacked my suitcase to check that I have everything, and I guarantee tomorrow before I leave the house I’ll check fifteen times that I have all the paperwork I need to get through customs. And then in Rapid City I’ll probably freak out and think I’ve forgotten my paperwork, even though I’ve already checked a bazillion times and know that I have it.

I’m also terrible going through security. You would think from my heartbeat that I would be trying to smuggle drugs or throwing stars through security, but nope. I can’t explain it, I just always freak out. Also I never manage to make it through that upright metal detector thing without it going off at least once. In the past there have been times when I’ve been pulled aside to have them use the hand scanner thing because I’ve set the upright metal detector off so many times, at which point I’m like OH GOD OH GOD I’M NEVER GETTING THROUGH SECURITY. Tomorrow will be even better because it’s an international flight so I’ll have to go through customs, which I’ve never done before. I envision myself being so terrified I won’t get through that I’ll answer some question wrong and then I’ll be screwed. Of course it probably won’t happen, but… you never know.

I’m not much better when I get on the plane. If I have connecting flights to make, I always worry about missing those, and I always worry about my luggage being lost.

Even if I didn’t freak out so much about not getting through security, losing luggage, etc., flying would still not be my favorite mode of transportation. Nine year-olds can entertain themselves longer on flights than I can. I don’t know what it is. I have no problems whatsoever entertaining myself in cars–I’m usually perfectly content to just sit and stare out the window for hours. Or even anywhere else I can entertain myself. But on planes… I’m lucky if I last twenty minutes before becoming bored. I always bring books to read, but they can never hold my interest for long, even though I can read for hours on end at home without being bored. Sleep is also not an option for me to pass the time on flights, since I’m generally too uncomfortable to sleep on planes, and I never sleep well the night before a flight so I’m always tired when flying. I’m taking some books and coloring books tomorrow on the plane, along with my laptop, so hopefully that will keep me occupied for a bit longer than twenty minutes.

And I generally end up sitting next to babies/little children which is always a good time for all.

Once I land in Oslo, I have to take the train into the city (since the airport is outside the city), then take the T-bane to my dorm. I’m hoping I don’t get lost, since by that point I’ll probably be so tired I won’t be able to emotionally handle getting lost.

If I make it to my dorm in one piece and it’s not too late, then I need to go to IKEA to buy sheets and a towel. But, that might not happen if I’m exhausted, in which case I’ll be sleeping on the floor. By that point I might not even care.

My flights tomorrow:
Rapid City, SD to Dallas, TX – 2 hr 15 min
Dallas, TX to London, UK – 9 hr
London, UK to Oslo, Norway – 2 hr 15 min

I’m arriving in Oslo on January 2nd around 4:10 PM. Which brings up a good point, there’s a 7 hour difference between Oslo and Central time zone, so that would be 9:10 AM Central time.

So let’s all just hope that 1) I make it through security, 2) I make it through customs, 3) my luggage doesn’t become lost, 4) I sleep on the plane, 5) I don’t become lost trying to make it to Kringsjå, 6) I have time to go buy sheets and a towel.

It’s a lot to ask for.

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