Okay, I’m going to cheat a little bit on these next posts and edit the date so that it looks like I published it on the day it actually happened (I’m not going to change the time though, so that part won’t make sense). I’m already screwed up enough as to what day it is that I don’t need to add this to the mix.

So, my flights.

In order to make this not incredibly long, I’m just going to bullet point the interesting bits.

Flight from Rapid City to Dallas:

  • Woke up at 5 AM (gah)
  • Informed at ticket counter that I needed to visit the ticket counter either in Dallas or London to receive the ticket for my flight to Oslo (different airline so they couldn’t print it), meaning I would need to leave security and then re-enter, always a pain. Also informed that while my bags were checked all the way through to Oslo, I might need to claim and recheck my bag in London. Stress level increases exponentially.
  • Hey, new metal detectors! Pretty sweet. Set off the metal detector (typical really) since I forgot to take my belt off. Whoops.
Flight from Dallas to London:
  • Landed ahead of schedule. Most excellent.
  • Left security, went to ticket counter area. Could only find American Airlines. Am informed I need to take a shuttle to a different terminal for British Airlines. My reaction–oh God, I’m going to get lost.
  • Weather was beautiful.
  • Thought the shuttle was going to fall apart on the way to the terminal; luckily it managed to survive another day.
  • Guy working at the British Airlines ticket counter was actually British. I do love British accents. Received my ticket and was told I did not need to claim my bag in London. Stress level decreases exponentially.
  • Eventually boarded plane. Ended up sitting next to a guy WHO HAD A BRITISH ACCENT (born in Britain but had lived in the US for a while), which just about killed me. He was very nice and chatted with me for a while.
  • Dinner = better than I expected.
  • Fell asleep for 45 minutes after dinner, then woke up and couldn’t fall asleep again, so listened to music and watched a movie.
  • Fell asleep for 30 minutes, then woke up because of the smell of food. Ten seconds after waking up, have a tray of food placed into my hands. Oh, hello food, nice to see you.
  • Saw Tower Bridge from the plane!!!
Flight from London to Oslo:
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE London Heathrow airport. 1, If you have a connecting flight, you can’t possibly screw up where you’re going since they herd you to the right area. 2, You don’t need to run all over the airport to find your ticket counter since they put it right next to the gate area you need. WHY DOES THIS MAKE SO MUCH SENSE. 3, They whip you through security. 4, The area past security is basically a mall. 5, Who doesn’t love a good British accent?! 6, The bathroom stalls were the size of changing rooms at department stores. Only weird thing–they don’t tell you your gate number until an hour or so before your flight.
  • Did not set off metal detector, but the person looking at the X-ray machine of the bags looked at mine for a really long time, and almost pulled it out to physically inspect it. Close call.
  • Brushed my teeth in the bathroom and got a few weird looks from people. I like clean teeth okay, settle down there.
  • Fell asleep for 45 minutes on flight since I was exhausted.
  • Landed late since there was a plane in our gate. Seriously.
  • Made it through customs which took forever, but I made it through!
  • Fell over onto the ground while trying to get onto the high-speed train to Oslo (the airport is outside of the city)–my bag was very heavy and since there was a gap between the platform and the train, I got a running start to pull it across the gap. Had a little too much momentum so I lost my balance. Fell at the feet of a nice Norwegian man, who gave me a hand up. Embarrassing.
  • Got off the train at Oslo Central Station and switched onto the subway to Kringsjå. First subway ride of my life!
  • Got off at the correct stop, but couldn’t find my dorm after getting off. Stopped at a grocery store to ask for directions and two Norwegian guys working there gave me directions.
  • Extremely stressed since I had to check in by 7 PM, and it was almost that time.
  • Miraculously managed to check in by 7 PM. Dropped stuff off in room then ran all over Oslo looking for an adapter so that I could plug my computer in to e-mail my mom that I had arrived. Became a pro at navigating the subway system.
  • Finally managed to find and buy an adapter, just minutes before the stores closed. Headed back to dorm, discovered that I needed an ethernet cord so I couldn’t e-mail my mom after all. Swell.
  • At one point, went back to the grocery store where I received directions to buy some food to eat. Ended up chatting with one of the guys who helped me. Found out he previously had been an exchange student in Wisconsin!! Wanted him to be my best friend because of this, haha.
  • Showered (interesting because I didn’t have a towel, so I used a shirt… did not work quite as well as I wanted it to) then went to bed. Room was freezing cold and I had no sheets or blankets, so I slept under my coat and a sweater with fuzzy socks on. Woke up after an hour and a half and unplugged my alarm clock for some inexplicable reason, then plugged it in again. Still freezing cold so I put on my snowpants and slept in those. Fell asleep after a while.
  • Woke up at 3 and couldn’t fall asleep for the next 3 1/2 hours. Dear body, let’s figure this new time zone out soon, because not being able to sleep sucks.

Well that still ended up being long. Oh well. My feelings after arriving in Oslo: frustrated and lost, undoubtedly compounded by the fact that I was exhausted, but proud that I navigated through Oslo to my dorm and to the stores by myself. And I’m now in Norway!!!

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  1. Good idea about changing the dates. I schedule posts for when I can’t be online but never thought about back-dating them for when I couldn’t be online. 🙂

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