I’m going to starve


Turns out grocery stores in Norway aren’t open on Sundays.

Really it’s not just grocery stores, most stores in Norway aren’t open on Sundays, but I was only bitter about the grocery store not being open.

I swear, I might starve while I’m in Norway.

I mean, I do have some pasta left, but all I’ve eaten for the past two or three days has been pasta.

I really want something other than pasta.

I would trade my left foot for a piece of bread right now. A piece of bread. It’s not even something extravagant like gelato, and I would trade my left foot for it.

In other news:

1. I thought I had my sleep schedule all sorted out, since I slept the whole night through a few days ago, but nope, it’s still screwed up. I woke up at 6 AM again the other day, and then the past two days I’ve woken up at 12:40 PM and 1 PM. And I’ve taken naps both days. I’ve just been exhausted.

2. Good lord, I miss pizza.

3. My eating schedule is also messed up. I think I’ve eaten lunch at 3:30 PM the past two days, and I haven’t had three meals in one day since… probably before I came to Norway.

4. Norway is a very expensive country, including food, especially meat. Which means I probably won’t be eating much meat here.

5. I swear, the whole of Norway was on the subway today with their skis.

6. Mmmmm meatballs.

7. I talked to one of my hallmates yesterday when I was cooking dinner. His name is Placid, he’s from Nigeria, and he just finished his masters in medicinal chemistry. He’s a cool dude and we talked for a long time about what he’s doing in Norway and also a bit about Nigeria. I asked him to teach me “hello” in Igbo and… yeah that was a complete fail.

8. Oh my god. Ribs.

9. ESN was having an event today where they had waffles and were selling cheap SIM cards. I went, ate some waffles (yum), bought a SIM card (yay, but no phone yet), and met a whole bunch of other international students, which was fun.

10. Hamburger. Om nom nom. With French fries? Oh, I would be in heaven.

11. On the agenda for tomorrow: Police station (have to register within a week of registering with Norway; here’s hoping I don’t get thrown out of the country), buy cell phone, pick up orientation info, work on stuff that I should have finished a while ago, and maybe walk out to the lake just past Kringsjå (but only if I can do that before it gets dark out, which might not happen). And, most importantly (besides going to the Police), GO GROCERY SHOPPING.

12. Can you tell I have food on the brain?

13. Also, why on Earth did I not think to bring chocolate with me?! Stupid, stupid.

14. Oh, garlic bread. Yuuuuum.


2 responses to “I’m going to starve

    • Oh mannn don’t even bring Big Ten up x.x I try not to think about it because whenever I do, I become so hungry… it’s the first thing I’m eating when I get back to Minneapolis.

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