Buddy group!

All Welcome Ceremonies are cheesy to a certain degree.

Norwegian Welcome Ceremonies are no different. Ours this morning included some songs. They were very nice, actually, but unexpected.

Other than that, uneventful.

After the ceremony we met up with our Norwegian buddy group for the first time. Each buddy group has about twenty international students in it and a few Norwegian buddies (our group has three, named Mary, Chris, and Haris). It’s funny because our buddy group has four students from the University of Minnesota in it–me, Kelsey, Brooke, and Isaac. There are so many students from the U here (I think there’s 14) that now whenever you introduce yourself to an international student and say you’re from the US, they automatically ask if you’re from Minnesota. Haha.

We walked around campus with our buddies and they pointed out some buildings and important places. I met some people in our group. It’s crazy because in the past few days I’ve literally met people from all over the world–Australia, Canada, the US, Singapore, Brazil, Slovakia, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy… the list goes on and on.

I’ve met so many people that it’s hard to remember names.

It doesn’t help that most of the names are foreign, so they’re difficult to pronounce much less remember.

Later that night we went ice skating with our buddy group. Outside of Nationaltheatret there’s an outdoor ice rink. Skating is free, and you can rent skates there. Skating was fun but interesting, since there was snow on the ice which we had to skate through. At one point we formed a small train and skated around the rink which was terrifying, since the guy leading the train was actually a good skater and went really fast. It didn’t help that my blades were dull so I couldn’t really turn. Luckily I managed to not take the entire train out 😉

Tomorrow we have two meetings to attend, then we’re going sledding afterwards. That should be interesting.


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