Went to a grocery store today.

Norwegian jam is hands-down one of the greatest things I’ve ever tasted.

I don’t know what it is. I mean, it’s just jam, I feel like it shouldn’t be hard to make it taste delicious. But the stuff we have in the US doesn’t even come close to tasting as good as Norwegian jam.

You know what this means–I won’t be able to eat jam once I get back to the States.

Boo. I’ll just have to stick a lot of Norwegian jam in my luggage.

Anyways, I also bought potatoes, more pasta, bread (not the mass-produced factory kind of bread, however you want to call it, the good homemade stuff so it’s delicious), pesto (YUM), peanut butter, an off-brand of Nutella (Nutella was around 45 kroner which is crazy expensive), olive oil, pepper, garlic cloves (was going to buy garlic salt… realized at the store that I don’t know what “garlic” is in Norwegian so that was out, but fortunately I do know what garlic cloves look like), and soup.

No meat, you see. Expensive.

In other news:

1. I’m very happy that I don’t look totally and completely like an American. I mean, I figure I must not look completely like an American since people always talk to me in Norwegian. For instance, today in the grocery store, a woman asked me where the sugar was (in Norwegian). Either that, or I look like an American but Norwegians think that I speak Norwegian anyways. Ah well, we may never know.

2. I finally have a Norwegian cell phone! It’s funny because the menus and such are all in Norwegian… so of course I don’t understand anything. I figured out how to set the clock and put a few contacts in, but that’s about it.

3. It snowed like crazy today.

4. Went to the Police today–didn’t get thrown out of the country. I have to go back on the 20th to have them stamp my residence permit into my passport, so we’ll see if I get thrown out then.

5. I got my student card for the University of Oslo (UiO) today. I was worried because we had to have our picture taken and I had been wearing my hat for a few hours… we all know how that usually ends up. Surprisingly, though, my hair didn’t look too terrible. In fact, the picture on my UiO card is far superior to the one on my Ucard, which never needs to be discussed again after this.

6. I met some more international students today, so that was fun.

7. No exploring today–too many errands to run, which used up all the daylight hours. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a little time after orientation activities. We have a welcome ceremony in the morning, then we’re meeting up with our buddy group. The whole buddy group thing is still pretty vague, so I have no idea where we’re meeting or for how long we’re meeting, which is good.

8. Google sensed that I was in Norway, so it switched over to the Norwegian Google. Which means that all my search results are in Norwegian. Good work Google.


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