Problems reading Norwegian

Okay, you have to understand that here in Norway, yes it is true that almost everybody speaks English. However, this doesn’t mean that Norwegians speak English all the time; in fact, from what I’ve gathered, they always speak in Norwegian unless they absolutely have to speak in English (like if they’re talking to somebody who doesn’t know Norwegian).

Which of course means that everything written is also in Norwegian.

This includes the labels on food.

I’ve already had issues with this. Last week when I went to the grocery store, I was going to buy garlic salt, but then I realized I don’t know what “garlic” is in Norwegian. So I couldn’t read the labels on the spices, and I didn’t see a bottle that appeared to contain garlic salt. I ended up just buying fresh garlic instead, since I at least know what that looks like.

Then at IKEA, I got something to drink called “appelsin juice,” which I figured was apple juice. It’s actually orange juice–“apple” is “eple.” Whoops, at least I like orange juice.

I’m not the only one who has struggled with this.

My friend bought what he thought was milk from the grocery store, since it was in what appeared to be a milk carton. He put it in his tea…

…and it turns out it was yogurt.

He said it was absolutely disgusting.


4 responses to “Problems reading Norwegian

  1. I love your letters! Wish I was there. I had to look at my keyboard before I started this letter… I have no excuse. Hahaha

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