Ski wax

is magic in a bottle.

I put it on my skis last night (Isaac and I got extra stick, haha) and the difference today was incredible. I glided a lot further with each stride and, most importantly, my downhill descent was a controlled skid as opposed to an out-of-control run of terror.

I almost took out six Norwegians though.

I was going down a gentle hill when my left ski slid out of the path. I lost my balance and veered dangerously towards the left, where six Norwegians were cruising up the hill. I honestly thought I was going to fall into them and take them all out like dominos. Luckily after flailing around a bit I managed to regain my balance. I’m sure I looked really stupid but oh well.

There were a few more instances where I lost my balance and almost fell, but…


I’m so proud.

My knees are rejoicing, too.


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