New goal in life: being able to pronounce “ø”

Oh man.

Norwegian is hard.

I had my first Norwegian language class today, and we spent most of the time working on pronunciation.

Good grief.

The consonants are fine, but the vowels are tricky. Some of them sound almost exactly the same, and others are very difficult for me to pronounce since we have no equivalent sound in English. Take the letter “ø” for instance. I know how it’s supposed to sound, but I just cannot make the sound. I know I’m saying it wrong but I just can’t say it right. My mouth won’t cooperate and form the right shape; it keeps trying to make an “oh” sound instead.

I have to admit though, Norwegian is fun. Very frustrating, but fun. And I can now say a few phrases in Norwegian, which makes me feel pretty cool.

Hva heter du? Jeg heter Jennifer.

Hvor kommer du fra? Jeg kommer fra USA.

Hvor bor du? Jeg bor i Norge.

I just want to yell these phrases at random people on the street, because I can speak Norwegian.

Not really, but I still think it’s cool all the same.

After struggling/having fun learning Norwegian for three hours, I had to go to my Norwegian music class. My teacher (professor? do they call them professors here? I’m not really sure) is a cute old Norwegian man who is funny.

But man, class was boring today.

We just went through some general music knowledge stuff, and I almost fell asleep. Hey, not my fault–I tossed and turned all night, had to wake up early for class, and then had five hours straight of class to then sit through. Luckily I stayed awake, but it was close.

After class I bought my Norwegian language textbook (HUZZAH), tried to find the book for my Norwegian music class in the library to only find copies of it in Norwegian (very helpful for a class that’s for international students), came home and took a nap, then practiced reading the phrases in my Norwegian book for a while.

Nerd alert.

… yeah. I can’t help that it’s so fun.

I then went skiing again. Again today, I didn’t fall! That’s even more impressive considering that I went farther today, so I had an additional scary hill to ski down.


I felt so proud.

True, he was maybe five.

But still, even the Norwegian children are pros at skiing.


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