I booked a flight today!

Traveling excitement!

I’m not saying where I’m going since I would like to keep that a surprise until I come back with all my lovely pictures and stories (so those of you who know where I’m going, keep your mouths shut). It’s just so much fun to keep people in suspense. It’s not for a few weeks though, so you’ll all just have to chill until that time. I’ll do my best to keep you occupied with others stories until that time, but there are no guarantees.

Take this weekend, for example.

I did nothing interesting at all.

I was planning on doing more exploring around Oslo (there are still quite a few things I want to see in the city and surrounding area), but I couldn’t do it. I was so tired.

So I just slept.

And ate.

But mostly slept.

I didn’t even go skiing. Okay, I had good intentions of going on Saturday, but then it snowed all day and I didn’t want to particularly go out skiing in a blizzard.

I didn’t even do my homework. Well, I didn’t do all of it, anyways. I did do my Norwegian language homework since it’s so fun that I couldn’t resist. But still, the fact that I didn’t finish all my homework is big for me.

So yes, even though I have no fun stories to share, I really needed the weekend off. I can only handle so much non-stop running around before I become very crabby and then eventually I just crash. Which is exactly what happened this weekend.


On Friday I had to go to the police station to have my residence permit stamped into my passport. My appointment was early in the morning and since I stayed up late (as usual, I can’t help that my body just loves to be nocturnal), I was tired. Combine this with the previous night of bad sleep and I was exhausted. Because I was so tired, I decided that I wasn’t going to bother with contacts or make-up, since I was just planning on coming back home and sleeping afterwards.

I had to walk to the police station from Jernbanetorget (also known as Oslo Central Station, good luck pronouncing that one cause I still have problems with it), which isn’t a long walk, but MAN was it cold. I felt like I was in Minneapolis since the wind had picked up and had a nasty bite to it. I thought my face was going to freeze off.

I made it to the police station without developing frostbite, but it was a close call. Anyways, the appointment was rather boring and I didn’t need to do anything at all.

Except they had to take my picture.

I should have realized they would need to take my picture, but it just didn’t occur to me, being sleep-deprived and all.

If I had known, I would had made an effort to look somewhat presentable. But since I didn’t, I have yet enough crappy picture in my passport.

If we’re being honest here, the two pictures of me in my passport are the two worst pictures of me that have ever been taken.

Well, maybe not, but they’re very close. A very, very good friend of mine has a whole collection of bad pictures of me that she keeps for blackmail purposes, so we might be able to find a couple in there that could compete with my passport pictures.

But still, they’re baaaaad. My actual passport picture in particular looks really bad… I don’t even think it really looks like me. And I get to travel around with that picture in my passport for the next 8 years yet, so that’s swell.

Anyways, back to the whole residence permit business… it looks pretty sweet if you don’t look at my picture. It takes up an entire page of my passport, it’s colorful, and there’s a nifty stamp/seal thing on it.

Changing topics abruptly, I bought hot chocolate mix this weekend since I was craving it like crazy, and IT. WAS. DELICIOUS. Expensive too, but if it means I can’t eat for a week to fund my hot chocolate addiction, so be it.

Also, there are new additions to the protein portion of my diet:

1. Hot dogs. Yes, high quality protein right there, but hey, they’re not that expensive.
2. Eggs. After I bought them I came home and cried in the corner because they were so expensive (I want to say I paid around $5 for 12 eggs… good god), but I have a serious love of scrambled eggs and couldn’t resist.
3. Fish sticks. Yeah, again, I’m not saying I’m eating a high-quality diet over here, but these were also not expensive. I would buy non-fish-stick fish since that also isn’t outrageously expensive but I don’t know how to cook it to make it taste halfway decent. Eventually, I will get there. But not right now. Also, taken from Wikipedia–“In Doctor Who the Eleventh Doctor eats fish fingers dipped in custard after regenerating.” If the Doctor eats them, then so shall I (for those of you who don’t know, I also have a serious new-found love of Doctor Who).

I don’t know why I just decided to ramble about food and this was supposed to be a short post, so sorry about that.


4 responses to “Søvn

  1. I most certainly do have a few that can compete with your passport pictures… spongebob and girl scouts… that’s all I need to say.

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