Jennifer falls in love

I fell in love today.

I was in XXL, a store that sells sports equipment, looking for pants that I can wear while skiing instead of my blue jeans. I was having problems finding pants that weren’t made of spandex (really, nobody wants to see me in spandex pants, including myself) and that weren’t horribly expensive. After fifteen or twenty minutes of searching in agony, crying inside/in the corner because of the prices, I finally found a pair that were acceptable. I started to walk over to the changing room to try them on, and then…

…then I saw him.

Or should I say it, because it wasn’t a guy.

Pssh, I wish.

No, it was a fleece.

A Helly Hansen fleece.

For those of you who don’t know, Helly Hansen is a Norwegian company that produces excellent outerwear. A lot of Norwegians wear Helly Hansen gear–I see people wearing Helly Hansen coats, snowpants, etc. on the subway all the time.

Helly Hansen. Helly Hansen. It’s so much fun to say.

Even better, the Helly Hansen fleece was ON SALE. I managed to buy it for not all that much money, at least relative to ridiculous crazy Norwegian prices. So, I bought it, since I didn’t bring a sweatshirt and needed something warm to wear. And I loved it from the moment I saw it.

I’ve worn it ever since I’ve gotten home from class, and let me tell you, THIS THING IS WARM. I’m practically sweating, which never happens in my cold room.

I love it. I love it so much. It is my soul mate.

Time to insert a cheesy picture of me wearing my Helly Hansen fleece.

Man, what a great looking fleece.

I have another update on the failure of my laundry experience: I apparently washed my clothes in fabric softener, not laundry detergent. SWEET. How was I supposed to know that “tøymykner” means fabric softener?! Well, at least my clothes are soft, and they do smell good.

Oh, and hi grandma!!!! 🙂 I miss you!


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