Home Sweet Oslo – Stockholm, Sweden Part IV

I took 360 pictures in Stockholm this weekend.

… I can’t even …


Let me tell you, editing those sucked. At least I managed to cut the number of pictures down to 181.

Our train left Stockholm Monday morning at 8:30 AM, which meant we had to wake up bright and early. On the way to Central Station, I stopped in a store and bought two more chocolate croissants and two more sugar doughnuts. Hey, it’s a six hour train ride, and the pastries were delicious!

We then stopped at a McDonald’s in the station. I was fully intending on buying hashbrowns, since everybody knows hashbrowns are the best part of McDonald’s breakfast. I was just going to stock up on hashbrowns then to eat them later.


At least, as far as I’m aware. They weren’t on the menu and I was going to ask when I ordered, but then I forgot.

I was depressed.

I bought pancakes instead, which turned out to be more like crepes. They came with strawberry jam and were absolutely delicious. I still wanted my hashbrowns, though.

It’s also interesting because the menu items were different than the menu items in the US. They still had Egg McMuffins or whatever they’re called, but they also had some sandwich things… I’m not entirely sure what they were since I can’t read Swedish, but they looked like breakfast sandwiches. I wasn’t feeling adventurous that morning so I didn’t try one.

Once we boarded the train, I fell asleep. For the next six hours. I woke up twice, once to go to the bathroom and once to eat a croissant, but other than that I was just passed out. Again, what a lovely way to spend six hours.

We arrived in Oslo around 2:35 PM, and when I stepped off the train into Oslo Central Station, I realized how much I had missed Oslo. Oslo has become my home and I really love it.

Also, I realized that I’ve been in Oslo for a little over a month now.


It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here that long. Time just passes by so quickly that in the blink of an eye it’s gone. I’m already stressing because this only means that I have five months left here, and I already don’t want to leave.

I had to book it back to Kringsjå to drop off my stuff, then I went to class immediately afterwards. It was boring as usual, and when I came home I had a ton of homework to catch up on. Plus I had to edit my 360 pictures. Gah.

It’s good to be back in Oslo.

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