Chocolate Crazy

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse to eat chocolate until you make yourself sick.

Even though chocolate in Norway is outrageously expensive, I decided to splurge. I bought Freia Kvikk Lunsj, Freia Melkebart, and Freia Peanøtt Kubbe.

I’m convinced Freia chocolate is the best thing ever.

I bought a six-pack of the Kvikk Lunsj, which I understand is probably a little excessive, but hey. They’re like Kit Kats, which means they’re amazing.

And they will all be eaten soon.

The Melkebart was good but not life-changing. The Peanøtt Kubbe, however, is my new favorite candy. It might even compete with Reese’s peanut butter cups for my favorite all-time candy.

Which means of course that I ate it all at once.

So, I spent a ton of money on chocolate and I’m going to have to ski like crazy for the rest of the week to work it off, but it was so worth it.

Also, I did my laundry again today. It went considerably better than last time–I figured out how to use the washing machines within a minute or two rather than fifteen. The dryer didn’t dry my clothes all the way through again, but they are drier than last time.

Stupid dryers.


10 responses to “Chocolate Crazy

      • Swiss is quite good, Belgian is good but my personal favorite is Dutch. After all, they did come up with the method to process cocoa. But my opinion may be based on the fact that I hosted a chocolate tasting in a shop there once and they gave us so much chocolate to eat that I was bouncing off the walls until 3 am. It was worth it!

      • Well I’ll just have to try some Dutch chocolate then while I’m here! And that sounds amazing! Here in Norway there’s a chocolate producer called Freia. They have a factory in Oslo and you can take a tour of it, during which you can stuff your face with as much chocolate as you want and even make your own chocolate. Some of my friends went; I haven’t gone yet but I’m definitely planning on going. I’m sure then I will be bouncing off the walls until 3 AM as well 😉

  1. Oooo…I probably wouldn’t fit through the door to get bak out if I went on that tour! BTW, how did you come to choose Norway?

    • Well I knew I wanted to go somewhere in Europe because I have never been to Europe previously, and it’s so easy to travel around Europe once you’re here. I was considering studying abroad in a few other countries but most of those countries had language requirements which I didn’t meet, which narrowed the list down to the UK, Ireland, and Norway. I really want to visit the UK and Ireland because most of my ancestors were from England, Ireland, and Scotland, but I wanted to study abroad somewhere that had a culture more different than the US. Plus, Norway has free tuition (yay–makes the program costs SO much cheaper), so all the Norway programs were much cheaper than the UK programs. Then I had to decide between Oslo, Bergen, and Åas. Åas was too small for my tastes (my home university is one of the biggest in the US, so I rather like large class sizes), I figured it would be easier to travel out of Oslo than Bergen, and Oslo had more classes that I liked than Bergen. So that’s how I ended up in Oslo, Norway, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

      • Free tuition makes a big difference and ease of travel to another country was a good thing to think of in the analysis part of the decision. But then, as you said, science is fun (for you!) so you obviously have a natural affinity for that type of thinking. I am more of a that-looks-good-let’s-go kind of person married to someone who analyzes eveything from every conceivable angle so we are a good balance.We have always wanted to travel in the Scandinavian countries but that is on a future list.
        I do hope you get to London while you are in Europe. If you do I can point you in the direction of some wonderful chocolate shops!

      • Definitely come to Scandinavia! Just keep in mind it’s very expensive here, especially in Norway. I’ll let you know if I get to London! I would definitely love to know where chocolate shops are 🙂

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