Lessons in Norwegian and bruises galore

No, I haven’t updated my blog in a few days because I’ve been travelling all over the globe.

I’ve just been really lazy.

I do apologize for being so remiss in updating my blog, though, and I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

On Wednesday (the 15th) I decided to ski to Frognerseteren (where I went sledging earlier in the semester) since it was a beautiful day and I had a lot of free time. Terrible idea. Really, really terrible idea.

See, it was quite warm that day, above freezing, so the snow melted a little and turned into a hard, icy mess. Even with my extra stick ski wax, I was sliding all over the place. This was bad for me since I went farther on the trail than I’ve gone before, and the section I hadn’t attempted before was all downhill coming back from Frognerseteren.

Going there was fine. No falls, and it was pretty fun.

Coming back, however… ouch.

Ouch, ouch, ouch.

The first fall I had was a spectacular mess. I was trying to go down this hill that wasn’t too steep or scary; the problem was that because the snow was so hard, I couldn’t slow down. I also didn’t have much control over my skis because they were sliding all over the place due to the icy nature of the snow. Because of these problems, I went flying onto my left side at the bottom of the hill. I became all twisted up when I fell, so it took me a few moments to straighten out my skis and free my ski poles from beneath my skis (can’t explain that one). The entire time, I was hoping nobody would come flying down the hill.

After straightening myself out, I skied up a little incline and then proceeded to descend another hill.

And fell yet again, about a minute later. I fell in the exact same way I did the first time too, so my left knee and elbow were hurting pretty badly at this point. This fall wasn’t quite as bad as I didn’t get all twisted up, so I quickly stood up and continued on.

Fell another thirty seconds later.

As happened the previous two times, I fell hard onto my left side. This time, however, I bent my right wrist backward in a way it’s not meant to be bent. It was at this point I became scared I was going to break a bone. Especially given that I was still quite a ways up the mountain, far away from home, and I forgot my cell phone (stupid, stupid, stupid).

So, I swallowed my pride, took my skis off, and walked down the rest of the downhills.

Luckily the trail wasn’t too busy so I didn’t have to shame myself in front of too many Norwegians, but still, one Norwegian I passed was definitely laughing at me.

Whatever, man.

I walked until I reached the top of the hill I’ve ascended/descended several times before. I figured I could handle this hill since I’m so familiar with it, so I put my skis back on and skied down it.

No falls, but as before, I had little control. Normally I can slow down a lot on this hill if I need be, but not this time.

I made it to the bottom in one piece and started skiing the rest of the way back home. I passed one older man who had the cutest dog ever. The dog was one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever seen; he had his head held high up in the air and was trotting very proudly. I couldn’t help but smile and I wanted to snuggle with the dog, but I restrained myself. The dog’s owner saw me grinning and so he smiled back at me and said, “Hei hei!”

Gah, so cute.

When I got back to Kringsjå, I figured I should probably ice my knee later that night so that I could walk the next day (my wrist had stopped hurting by the time I got back so I wasn’t particularly worried about it. My knee was a different story). I don’t have any ice cubes, however, our kitchen doesn’t have any ice cube trays, and I wasn’t about to go waste money buying ice. So I did the next best thing–I got a washcloth wet, put it in a bowl so that it wouldn’t drip water all over the freezer, and stuck it in the freezer. Later that night I retrieved the washcloth/bowl combo from the freezer and took it back to my room. I then tried to take the washcloth out of the bowl.

Obviously, since it was wet it had frozen to the bowl. For some inexplicable reason I never thought this would happen; I just thought I would be able to take the washcloth out of the bowl.

Good one, Blalock.

Since I failed to unstick the washcloth from the bowl, I just decided to hold the bowl against my knee.

Worked like a charm.

Anyways, it was a gorgeous day outside (I saw the sky! The sky, I tell you!), but skiing was a fantastic failure.

Thursday I had five hours of class, then afterwards I met with my friend Eugene who I met through volunteering. We talked for an hour and a half which was a lot of fun since she’s hilarious. She brought me a copy of the University newspaper, so she had me read one of the articles and try to translate it. That was hard, let me tell you.

It’s funny too because the day before we were texting each other. Because my phone is crappy, it doesn’t have a keyboard or anything. It does, however, have a version of T9. Only problem is that the words it comes up with first are in Norwegian, and it doesn’t recognize a lot of English words until I put them in. When I’m texting Eugene I’ll put in Norwegian words where I know them in order to save time. One text I sent her, I only used one Norwegian word–“freday,” which means “Friday” in Norwegian. She sent me a reply, which I started reading. “Haha, no worries! Yeah, æ burde også prøve å være på skolen i hele morra og lese…”




I figured out some of her text because a few of the words I recognized, but the rest I had to Google translate.

It definitely took me by surprise because I only said one word in Norwegian to her. I didn’t think that would garner a response completely in Norwegian.

Oh well, lesson learned.

Friday I went skiing on a less difficult path this time, since it still hadn’t snowed. I went on an isolated side trail and was skiing up a hill when I saw a Norwegian man come from the other direction and stop at the top. He watched me ski the rest of the way up which was pretty embarrassing since I slipped and almost fell. When I reached the top he said something to me in Norwegian, and when I told him I didn’t speak Norwegian, he said, “Oh,” then something else which I couldn’t understand.

I wasn’t sure if he was still speaking Norwegian or not.

But then he said something along the lines of, “It needs to snow more, at least this much,” and then I realized I hadn’t understood his English the first time because his Norwegian accent is the thickest I’ve heard yet. He was very nice though, and we chatted for a little longer before going our separate ways.

I turned around at some point since skiing downhill on isolated trails is pretty sketchy and then made my way to a more populated trail. I reached a fun downhill that I skied down a few days ago and decided to try skiing down it, even though the snow was still hard. I went down without any problems and it was so much fun that I turned around and went down it again. Almost lost my balance the second time, but still, no falls.

I then worked on homework for the rest of the day, which wasn’t particularly fun.

Unfortunately no skiing on Saturday since it looked like this outside:

Keep in mind that this is what it normally looks like outside from my room:

It didn’t clear up at all during the day, so I spent the day feeling as if I had been transported to a different world. The mountain was back the next day, however, so no worries there.

Other than that, nothing much new. I smashed one of my fingers under the seat of my chair yesterday which was incredibly painful, but it’s doing better today. The bruise on my elbow seems to be clearing up as does the bruise on my knee (I tried taking pictures of my bruises but 1. It’s extremely difficult to take a picture of one’s own elbow; have you ever tried it? 2. The bruise on my knee doesn’t look nearly as dramatic in the picture as it actually does on my knee. So I’m not going to post it).

I hate this weather, though. It’s been warm the past few days which normally I should love. I don’t love it, though, because it’s only February. It should be cold and snowing and gloomy and dreary. I’m not ready to see blue skies and go outside and start sweating. It feels like spring but it’s not spring.


Another reason why I’m probably opposed to the warm weather is because I didn’t get to experience winter until I came to Oslo. It was so warm at home that I had two months of winter stolen from me. I need my winter.

Hopefully it gets colder tonight and snows, and then I will be perfectly happy again. Now, back to homework!

A few things I’ve thought of that I should share:

1. I didn’t travel this past weekend and I’m not going anywhere this upcoming weekend, simply because I’m exhausted, behind on work, and a bit lazy in the travel-planning department lately (really, my laziness recently is astounding).
2. I may or may not be going somewhere March 2-4. I have yet to find out. If I do end up doing what I’m currently planning on doing, it might not end well for me. But it’s going to be so fun. If I go.
3. I did a lot of travel planning yesterday. I have a trip planned March 9-12 but I’m working on finding somebody to travel with. And let me tell you, April is going to be a travel-crazy month. I am so, so excited for it.
4. I’m planning on taking pictures sometime when I go out skiing. Before this can happen, however, it needs to snow. I’m not risking my camera on this nasty icy-snow.
5. I’m not going to be on facebook much this weekend just to get caught up on work, so if you really need to contact me, shoot me an e-mail or message here.


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