Sleeping beauty

It’s become a joke in my Norwegian language class that I sleep a lot.

Basically this happened because whenever my teacher asks what I did during the weekend, if I didn’t do any travelling, I say “I slept a lot.” Why? Well, because it is true–I do sleep a lot on the weekends. Plus I have a very limited vocabulary in Norwegian so there’s not a whole lot I can say, but I do know now to say “I slept a lot.”

Now whenever somebody says something about sleeping, my teacher looks at me and will direct some comment/question towards me.

For example, today my teacher asked one girl why she wasn’t in class on Tuesday. The girl said that she slept through her alarm. I saw my teacher turn and look for me, and then she directed a comment towards me about how I like to sleep, too.

That happened multiple times today. It was pretty funny though.

Today I finalized my plans for spring break and bought all the tickets I need. I’ll reveal where I’m going when I come back on Sunday; I don’t have time right now since I have a ton of homework I need to get done.

So, I need to get back to work now. I’m going to have a blast this weekend and I’m sure will have plenty of stories to share when I come back on Sunday.

And no, I don’t be doing a lot of sleeping this weekend. My Norwegian teacher will be so sad.


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