Snowfall and sick days


Sorry, I’ve been pretty caps lock happy lately. If excessive caps locks offends you, you may want to discontinue reading now.

Back on Wednesday it snowed here in Oslo. All day, essentially, so we got a nice layer of snow. I was thrilled because it meant I could ski again, but I didn’t ski that day because the visibility the low. Plus I had to do my laundry, which takes forever. Luckily this time though, absolutely nothing went wrong with my laundry! The dryer finally dried my clothes through all the way, which I was thrilled about.

When I woke up on Thursday morning, I noticed that I was a little congested, but I didn’t think it was a big deal. I had two classes that day, including a presentation in one class (which I more or less winged, admittedly). When I got back home, I broke out the good ol’ cross-country skis.

Even though it had snowed, skiing still wasn’t great. The snow we got was really wet snow–perfect packing snow. Not so good for skiing though, just because it was pretty slick. I was struggling on the slight inclines because my skis weren’t gripping the snow, so I didn’t go very far.

I did take some pictures though since the trees looked lovely.

I might have mentioned a week ago that I was going to travel this weekend. I was actually planning on travelling to Copenhagen, Denmark this weekend, but it didn’t happen. Basically I was experiencing difficulties buying the tickets online before I went Telemark skiing, and by the time I came back, I realized that I wouldn’t mind staying in Norway for the weekend because Norway…

Because Norway is just awesome. Do I need any more reason than that?

Instead I planned to go Telemark skiing on Friday, since there’s a downhill skiing place in Oslo that offers discounted rates on lift passes and ski rental for students on Fridays.

But do you remember when I said I was congested Thursday morning?

Yeah, it got worse later that night. Nothing horrible–I wasn’t vomiting violently or anything, but I felt woozy, my head hurt, I was sneezing nonstop, and my body temperature was so high that I was uncomfortably hot even with my window open and the heat off. I should have been freezing, but instead I couldn’t get cold enough.

When I woke up Friday morning my cold hadn’t improved at all, and my skin was still so hot to the touch that I probably could have used it as a stovetop. I just decided to take it easy and lay around in bed.

Perfect excuse to watch Doctor Who all day.

Seriously, that’s actually all I’ve done today. I thought I was going to finish series 4 today, but it turns out the last few episodes are all specials, which means they’re really long. So, probably not. But I’m close! And it has been a very enjoyable day just lazing around and watching my favorite alien save the universe time and time again.

For those of you who aren’t interested in Doctor Who and found this post exceedingly boring, good news! I am doing something cool on Sunday here in Oslo, and I should get some pretty awesome pictures from it šŸ™‚

Back to Doctor Who!


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