Jennifer vs. stapler

A stapler almost ate my paper on Old Norse mythology today.

Or, if you look at it another way, I almost broke a stapler today with my paper on Old Norse mythology.

It’s because Old Norse mythology is that awesome–it can break staplers. Well, nearly.

Basically, the story is that I needed to hand in two copies of a paper for one of my classes. I printed them off in the library, and luckily for me they had staplers there.

No normal staplers, though. Only automatic staplers, which I have never seen before. What’s the purpose of an automatic stapler, anyways. I mean, is stapling really that difficult that we need an automated one? Come on, now.

I stuck one of my papers into the stapler and it stapled it together. However, the stapler was quite close to the edge, which made me worried it would come out and my paper would fall apart. I took the staple out and then quickly jammed my paper into the stapler so that I could get it farther in before it stapled.

And it worked! Well, kind of. The staple was definitely farther from the edge, but then I got my paper stuck in the stapler. I managed to pull it out without breaking the stapler or tearing my paper.

Time for copy #2. I did the same thing as before–shoved the paper in before the stapler realized what was happening.

It didn’t work quite so well this time, however.

Like before, the paper got kind of jammed into the stapler. Unlike before, I couldn’t get it out this time. Of course I’m very persistent so I just pulled at it until I tore it out of the stapler, but not before the stapler stapled my paper a second time.

Final score:

And if anybody finds a broken/malfunctioning stapler in Georg Sverdrups hus, it wasn’t me.


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