Studying, or lack thereof

The life cycle of studying:

Phase 1: Start out energized and motivated. LET’S GET STUFF DONE.

Phase 2: After some hours (or minutes) have passed, attention on studying decreases. Attention on other things, namely youtube, tumblr, facebook, e-mail, and blogs increases.

Phase 3: The phase in which you eat food, regardless of whether or not you’re actually hungry. Of course eating food demands that you take a break to watch videos on youtube and/or play an addicting flash game online.

Phase 4: Anything seems more interesting than studying. Consequently, those dishes get washed, your room gets cleaned, and you finally have clean underwear.

Phase 5: You take a nap to “recharge those batteries.” Planned time of nap: 45 minutes. Actual time of nap: 3 hours.

Phase 6: You try to study, but you’re so groggy from the nap that the only thing you can manage is watching videos on youtube.

Phase 7: Realize you’ve spent most of the day watching videos on youtube, not studying as you had planned. Panic sets in.

Phase 8: Consume excessive amounts of caffeine.

Phase 9: Try to stay awake and focused on your studying, but fail. Fall asleep at desk.

Repeat as needed.


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