Dear skis (a farewell letter)

Dear skis,

Do you remember the first time we saw each other? I knew we were meant to be together–your pink and light blue colors matched my happy personality so well. From the first time I held you, I knew we would be inseparable.

At least inseparable until the time we were to part ways, forever.

The first time we skied together, I fell head-over-heels in love with you. We were so good together, you and I. We flew past all of our friends and made our way up steep, steep mountains. However, I didn’t quite trust you yet, especially going downhill. You were just too reckless. You loved speed too much, and I did not yet know how to work with you in perfect sync. Several times during that first trip, I was forced to separate us so that we wouldn’t go crashing down the mountain. Still, I knew that with time and practice we would get better. I thought to myself, “We can work it out.”

And we did. We did work it out, even though it involved much pain, muscle soreness, and bruises on my end. You taught me how to slow down, stop, and turn (more or less), and soon we were flying down the mountain trail from Frognerseteren together, both of us loving the trip. We went all over the Norwegian countryside together, on countless paths all over Sognsvann.

We did have our tough times, like any relationship. You liked to test me, to improve my technique and balance so that we could work better together. Sometimes this almost ended quite badly, like the time when you almost put me into a creek. Or the time that we skied back to Krinsjå from Frognerseteren and you sent me crashing down over and over, causing me to fear anew that I would break a wrist. Or those times when we hit ice and you refused to help me stay upright.

I forgave you though, and went out with you day after day, night after night. There were days when I lost track of time and we would stay out for hours together, you and I, until I grew unbearably cold. I even bought you a present–ski wax. I could tell how much you liked it from the moment we started skiing, and it proved to be the glue in our relationship.

Those happy days, those carefree hours, had to come to an end. Spring came prematurely and although we tried to stay together, it was simply too hard. Our relationship was on ice. Quite literally.

We decided that it would be best if we took a break while we waited for the conditions to improve. It was not in the stars, however. As March slipped by, we lost hope that we could be together again. We had one more good day together before the rift in our relationship reopened again.

Finally I accepted the fact that we had to permanently part ways. We took a short ride on the T-bane together while I held you for the last time. You were very quiet, as if you knew what was going to happen. We then solemnly walked together to the ski rental counter where we said our goodbyes. You protested at first, passionately trying to convince me that we could stay together forever, but I knew this could not be so. As you looked into my eyes, you realized that there was no hope left for you and I. Before you went to the woman behind the counter, you said words to me that I will never forget–“Jennifer, jeg vil savne deg. Vi hadde god tid sammen, og du vil alltid være i mine minner.”

With those words, you turned away, and I never saw you again.

I will miss you, skis. Thanks for the memories.


Author’s notes:

1. As you’ve probably guessed from the letter, I returned my cross-country skis. I didn’t have to do so until the middle of April, but I’m going to be gone for (hopefully) most of April and the weather has been too warm to ski for the past few weeks. I decided to return them early so I wouldn’t forget and be charged a fee. Even though they’ve been gone for a few days now, it’s still weird to see the corner of my room empty.
Just like my heart ♥
I need to go to sleep, this is ridiculous.
2. My skis, being Norwegian, of course speak Norwegian. For those of you who don’t speak Norwegian, here’s a translation of what my skis said to me: “Jennifer, I will miss you. We had good times together, and you will always be in my memories.”
3. My Norwegian might be off, especially concerning the word order. Don’t hurt me because of it.
4. Beatles reference in that letter FTW.
5. This is what happens at 2 AM when I’ve been studying all day.


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