My first SHNWCD sighting

What’s a SHNWCD?

SHNWCDs are the yetis of Norway. They can be found running through the many forests that cover Norway, but they’re very rare–a sighting only occurs every few years.

Unless you’re really lucky, then you’ll spot the same SHNWCD three times in one day.

The story of my SHNWCD sighting begins late last night. Like 4 AM late. I know, I know, it’s late, but I don’t have class until 4:15 on Monday and besides, I like staying up late. It is far easier for me to get up at 11 AM after only 5 hours of sleep than at 8 AM with 8 hours of sleep.

I know it’s screwy. I can’t help it.

Anyways, around 4 AM I sent my Norwegian language teacher an e-mail with a bunch of questions concerning grammar. By the way, this e-mail was entirely in Norwegian. It took me forever to write because I kept having to look words up in my dictionary, plus it was just a long e-mail anyways. I was very proud of it though. After writing the e-mail I went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning I found that my teacher had e-mailed me back. She said, in Norwegian of course, thank you for the fantastic e-mail in Norwegian (holler!), answered my questions, and then told me that I needed to go outside today.

First, lol.

Second, I decided to take her advice since it was a beautiful day outside and I was in a good mood. I went for a run around Sognsvann, which as you might remember is the lake near where I live (some pictures here).

Let’s establish something here.

I hate running. I really, really hate it. I think it’s boring and I can’t see how people think it’s fun.

However, I’m willing to run in Norway just because it is so incredibly beautiful. Even if I’m so sore the following day I can hardly walk and my friend shakes her head at me for being a maniac and always getting myself hurt doing athletic things (like Telemark skiing).

Anyways, I had run around almost half of the lake when I saw him.


Wait, really, a SHNWCD?

I was so surprised to see a SHNWCD that I almost ran off the trail. I somehow managed to keep my feet on the trail and just stared at him. He was just so… gorgeous.

My SHNWCD moment got even better. SHNWCDs are known for travelling in the company of Canis lupus familiaris, hence the name. This SHNWCD had a particularly adorable C. l. familiaris who, finding a nearby patch of snow, ran into the snow and started rolling around randomly. SHNWCD thought this was funny and laughed, and I couldn’t help but smile. Then, THEN, SHNWCD smiled at me.

This is an incredibly accurate depiction of what I looked like in that exact moment:

The hair is especially accurate.

SHNWCD then continued to run past me, off on his way to do more SHNWCD things, and I was left with just the memory of him.

If only I had a camera with me! Photographing a SHNWCD encounter would make me a world-renowned (that word looked so weird to me that I had to check and make sure it was spelled right) photographer. But alas, I don’t run with cameras, so that was unfortunate.

I happily continued on my run, content with the fact that I had seen my own SHNWCD. It only got better though.

When I was almost all the way around the lake, I saw the exact same SHNWCD! Even better, HE SMILED AT ME AGAIN.

This is another entirely accurate depiction of what I looked like at that moment:

A second SHNWCD sighting in one day?!

I then realized something very important. I realized that if I ran another half-lap or so around Sognsvann, I would probably see the same SHNWCD for a third time.

The only problem was that my calves were absolutely destroyed. Absolutely destroyed meaning that I thought I might to crawl my way back to my room.

But I figured that you only see SHNWCDs once in a lifetime. I could deal with the consequences of calf destroying later.

I ran about a quarter of a lap when I saw SHNWCD again. I saw him from a distance this time and I tried to play it cool, like I wasn’t continuing to run (let’s be honest–I was definitely walking by this point) just to see him. When he got nearer to me he looked at me…


Life complete.

I now have motivation to go running every day, in hopes that I will see the same SHNWCD again.

Oh and by the way, SHNWCD = smokin’ hot Norwegian with cute dog.

Also, on a completely unrelated topic, does the phrase “in addition there is a black market of unregistered nannies” make anybody else laugh hysterically?


2 responses to “My first SHNWCD sighting

  1. I used to hate running, but I found it was a lot better than jiggling on a stairmaster at the gym. At least no one gets to stare at me very long as I wheeze. Well, considering I run about 12 mts a mile, they get to stare at me a little while…

    • Oh, so true! I refuse to run at the gym, although the ellipticals aren’t quite so bad. I can now also run off the main paths, which means even fewer people will see me run. I was waiting for all the ice to finally melt and it looks like now it’s all gone!

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