What language did I learn this semester? + travel every day in April

I’m a bit confused.

Did I take a Norwegian language final on Friday or a German language final?

The confusion started before the final was even passed around. We were all sitting in our desks while a proctor walked around. She went up to a girl, pointed to her pen, and said something.

No clue what she said. It definitely didn’t sound like English, and I wasn’t even sure that it was Norwegian. All I knew was that it was something I couldn’t understand.

Eventually we figured out that she was speaking in German.

The final was passed around shortly after that so we forgot that moment.

At least I did, until I handed in my final.

I handed in the final, went back and got my coat, then realized I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the rough drafts of my essay and the dictation. I went back to the proctors I had turned my final into and asked, “What should I do with my rough drafts?”

They answered me in some language that I couldn’t understand.

Didn’t sound like Norwegian, though.

I just stood there and stared at them, confused. The two proctors sitting there turned to each other then asked me, “Do you speak German?”

Yes, clearly, because I just took a German language final and because I initially addressed you in English.

So that was weird.


Next important point I need to discuss – I’m leaving tomorrow night and will be gone until April 11th. I’m on Easter break, you see. Where am I going?

England. England England England England England.

Also, Wales. Wales Wales Wales Wales Wales.

I am so freaking excited that I can’t contain myself.

I’m coming back to Oslo on the 11th of April. The next day I have a class, then that night I’m leaving Oslo again.

This time for Ireland. Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland Ireland.


I’m staying in Ireland for seven days, then I’m coming back to Oslo for a class. That night I’m probably jetting off again (haven’t bought my tickets yet but planning on doing that tonight yet). Where am I going this time?

Hungary. Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary.

I’m not staying in Hungary for as long, so I’ll have some time in Oslo to do laundry/sleep. That will be lovely.

Then the last weekend in April, I’m probably going to go somewhere else! Again, haven’t bought the tickets yet, but I’m planning on doing that soon. And this time?

Trondheim. Trondheim Trondheim Trondheim Trondheim Trondheim.

I sense confusion in the crowd.

Trondheim? Trondheim is a city in Norway, and a bit farther to the north than Oslo.

So yes, that’s April for me. Travel non-stop. It’s going to be a blast and I can’t wait.

This brings me to an important point. I am going to try my utmost hardest to update my blog while I’m away travelling, but I can’t make any promises. I’m not sure if I’ll have wireless Internet access al the time, but if I do, you can expect posts from me! If not, I’ll upload all my posts when I return to Oslo.

That’s it for me! The random pictures scattered in this post are of Sognsvann. As you can see in the pictures, spring is coming to Norway. The ice is melting, the snow is almost all gone, and the skies have been clear almost the entire time (most definitely not the case in winter). Enjoy, and see you all from England!

Also, one last thing–I am hereby dubbing this month of posts “Travel every day in April.” I’m technically not travelling every day in April, but I am travelling 27 of the 30 days in the month. So close enough, really.


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