Sleeping in airports in London, England – England & Wales trip part I

I always think that airport sleepovers will be so fun.

Take my word for it, they’re never fun.

Originally I wasn’t planning an airport sleepover for this trip, but as my departure date grew nearer, I realized that I would be pretty freaked out if I had to navigate London really late at night. So I cancelled my hostel for that night and just decided I would camp out at the airport when I landed in London.

I ended up sitting next to the loveliest British-Norwegian family on the airplane. I sat next to the mom and the daughter, and the dad and the son were sitting in front of us. The mom asked me all about my life and even offered me food. And the daughter was SO CUTE. I normally don’t like kids. At all. I think they’re annoying, especially when I’m trying to take a nap back in Oslo and they’re outside screaming bloody murder. But this girl? Oh my gosh, loved her to pieces.

I loved her even more when the plane landed and we had to take a subway to the main part of the airport. I was walking with the family and the little girl held my hand all the way there.

Just… awhhhh 🙂

I flew into London Stansted, which is about 2 hours outside of the main part of London. Because my flight landed late, I didn’t end up getting out of customs until midnight. I was extremely glad that I decided to just sleep over at the airport because public transportation in London stops running around 12:30/1 AM, which means I might have been stranded. Either that or I would have had to call a taxi, which would have sucked.

Unfortunately, it means I didn’t get much sleep. I didn’t fall asleep until 1 AM because some kids were running around and being noisy (-____-), and at 3:30 a security guard came around and woke us all up. I was exhausted (honestly, who wouldn’t be after 2 hours of sleep?) so I just moved to a different part of the airport and went back to sleep. It wasn’t a great sleep because I kept waking up, but it was still sleep.

My first day in London, coming up in part 2, with lots of pictures!


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