Beautiful colleges in Cambridge and Oxford, England – England & Wales trip part V

Waking up after only getting about four hours of sleep is miserable. To be honest, it was my own fault—I knew I had to catch a train the next morning at 5:45 AM and yet I still stayed up yet, but that doesn’t diminish how crappy I felt. Luckily for me I managed to sleep on the train for about an hour, and I woke up right as we arrived in Cambridge.

Cambridge was a pretty little town, though it was freaking cold when I arrived. Because it was only 7 AM by the time I was there, the streets were deserted, which helped me a lot when taking pictures. I hate when I get random people in my pictures.

Anyways, I walked from the train station into town, then from there I walked to the River Cam, then up and down the river for a while since it was so beautiful. After a while I desperately needed a bench, since I had been carrying my backpack around for the whole time (which was rather heavy with my computer).

Problem, since benches don’t exist in Cambridge except on the college grounds. Which I couldn’t access.

Finally, after much wandering and griping to myself because I couldn’t find a bench, I found one in front of a church. I sat down, and then my butt became instantly numb because the bench was marble and in the shadow. It was akin to sitting on a block of ice.

Still, just being able to sit was such a relief that I stayed there for some time, until I grew hungry. I went to a grocery store and bought some food which I ate on a much warmer bench, then afterwards I went back to the River Cam, took more pictures, then hiked back to the train station.

It was really interesting because while I was back at the River Cam, I overheard two tourists talking about the bridge we were standing on. Apparently the guy who designed and built the bridge hadn’t been paid before he completed the bridge, so in spite he “forgot” to include the keystone, a stone that is necessary for keeping all the stones together in the bridge. As a result, the bridge sags in the middle. There are big stone spheres resting on the railing on the bridge, and one of them is missing a chunk out of the back, also at the hands of the bridge maker.

I took the train from Cambridge back to London King’s Cross, took the underground to London Paddington, then from there took a train to Oxford.
Oxford was stunning.

The only problem with Oxford is that all the buildings basically look the same to me.

I mean, a few of them stand out as being unique, and of course they’re all beautiful, but going back through my pictures and labeling them was quite challenging.

As I like to do, I just wandered through Oxford to see what I came upon, which included the Radcliffe Camera, Bodleian Library, the Bridge of Sighs, and various colleges including the University of Oxford. I also managed to sneak into one college, Magdalen College, snap a picture, and then leave before the caretaker caught me. It wasn’t necessarily a big deal that I was in there; however, I hadn’t paid the entrance fee, so he probably wouldn’t have been happy about that.

Don’t judge. I wasn’t the only one who did it.

It was also funny because to enter the college, you had to step through a door that was quite small. I, however, had no problems fitting through because I’m so short.

Finally, after much wandering, I reached Christ Church.

Christ Church is actually a college (I know, it sounds like a church), but it also has a cathedral. You might recognize Christ Church from the pictures, since parts of it were used to film the Harry Potter movies and The Golden Compass.

Also, the Great Hall of Christ Church was used as the model for Hogwart’s Great Hall, recreated in the film studio.

Just think, I was in the wizarding world for a few moments. How exciting.

Christ Church Cathedral was just as stunning and beautiful as the rest of the college, as you can see from the pictures.

Basically, the day was about seeing beautiful colleges and universities. In some ways I’m glad my university isn’t as beautiful because I fear the only thing I would do all day is sit outside and gaze upon the architecture.

I left Oxford in the evening and went to a new location, which will be revealed in the next post! Be prepared for stunning architecture and beautiful sights, and probably my favorite city I’ve seen in England.


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    • I agree, and they were even more beautiful in person! It was wonderful to be able to see the colleges of Cambridge with the early morning light hitting the building and without any tourists in my pictures.

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