Jelly-filled donuts in Manchester Airport, England – England & Wales trip part XI

I know that you’ve always wondered if jelly-filled donuts will go through airport security.

I’m glad to tell you that I now know the answer, and yes, they will.

April 11th was my last day in England, but my flight didn’t leave until later that night. I returned to Cavern Quarter to hunt down a few more Beatles statues, including one of Eleanor Rigby, and to get my picture taken next to John Lennon. Afterwards I took the train from Liverpool to Manchester Airport, where I was flying out later in the day.

Just before I was about to go through security, I realized that I had three jelly-filled donuts in my bag. I wasn’t actually sure if they would be okay to go through security, but after thinking about it, I realized it was highly unlikely that there was more than 100 mL of jelly in each donut.

I don’t even know if they care about gel-like substances in your food, or if they only care about how much toothpaste you’re carrying with you.

But they went through okay and I wasn’t pulled off to the side and interrogated, so apparently jelly-filled donuts are not highly regulated by airport security.

Good to know, this.

I used the time I had in the airport to update my blog and go through all my pictures, so I’m finally caught up with my blog!

Just in time too. As I write this, I’m sitting in Oslo Rygge airport, waiting to fly to Dublin.

I hope you all enjoyed my England posts as much as I enjoyed being in England (I miss it already), and I’ll see you from Ireland!

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