I apologize in the delay for this, but here are two awards I’ve been nominated for!

ABC Award

The ABC Award is a blogger-to-blogger award, meaning that bloggers nominate fellow bloggers whose blogs they admire and enjoy reading. This particular award is meant to represent “Awesome Blog Content,” hence the “ABC” part of the award title. I was nominated for this award by Max, who runs a blog with beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures. His blog can be found here:, and I highly recommend you check it out since his pictures are beautiful.

For the award, you first have to use the alphabet to tell people about yourself, so here we go:

A – Awkward
B – Bright
C – Creepy (not super creepy, it’s more of a friendly creepy)
D – Dreamer
E – Exuberant
F – Friendly
G – Good-hearted
H – Happy
I – Imaginative
J – Jovial
K – Kind
L – Logical
M – Motivated
N – Nocturnal
O – Optimistic
P – Polite
Q – Quirky
R – Reliable
S – Stubborn
T – Thoughtful
U – Understanding
V – Vigorous
W – Wanderer
Y – Youthful
X – XX (get it?)
Z – Zany

Next you have to nominate ten fellow bloggers for the award. These are ten of my favorite blogs to read, so I definitely think you should check them out!

1. Alaska wildlife photography
3. pictures that focus on color
4. interesting pictures, most of Ireland
5. lovely pictures
6. pictures of Legos; most of them are quite funny
7. interesting travel posts (and other topics as well)
9. I REALLY LIKE FOOD, but this blog also has some nice nature photography
10. information about hiking places, plus some other interesting posts and pictures

Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award is also a blogger-to-blogger award, and I was nominated for this one by atranquilplace, whose blog can be found here: You can find beautiful pictures on this blog, along with interesting thoughts. You’ll feel more tranquil after leaving 😉

For this award I have to answer ten questions about myself, which are:

1. Favorite color: Green, because it reminds me of spring.
2. Favorite animal: Because deep down inside I’ll always be a little girl, horses are still my favorite animal.
3. Favorite number: 3. It was my best friend’s favorite number when we were in grade school together and since she was a pretty cool person, I figured the number 3 was also pretty cool. So basically, I stole it from her. 17 is a good number as well.
4. Favorite drink: Hot chocolate
5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
6. Your passion: I don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one, because I love so many different things: writing, reading, travelling, taking pictures, science
7. Favorite pattern: Uh I guess plaid is pretty okay, under certain circumstances.
8. Giving or receiving gifts: If you have a really clever, well-thought gift to give, then definitely giving gifts. It’s always unfortunate when you don’t know when to buy though and then have to give a mediocre gift.
9. Favorite day: Friday, commonly known as the day when I come back from class and sleep for the rest of the afternoon (my friend and roommate Kristen can confirm this)
10. Favorite flower: I don’t know that I have a favorite flower, since there are a lot of good ones. Tulips and daffodils are nice.

Also nominate more blogs, so here we go. Again, check these out, they’re all amazing!

1. photography
2. more food, yum
3. a blog about how awesome Minnesota is; it helps me feel close to home even when I’m 4,000 miles away
4. a blog about North Cape, Norway, with plenty of beautiful photos
5. photography of a variety of subjects, though I really love the beautiful scenery pictures

Thank you so much for both of my nominators, and for everybody who reads my blog–it really means a lot to me to know that my blog is appreciated by so many people. Thanks 🙂

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