So close…

I feel bad for abandoning you.

Luckily my final is tomorrow so once that’s done, all I have to work on is my paper. I already have 2/5 of the rough draft written and most of the research needed for the paper done, so it should hopefully write itself pretty fast.

I’ve been studying so much for my Norwegian Life and Society final that facts about Norway are oozing out of my pores. So, in order to make up for my lengthy absence, starting tomorrow, I’m going to write up a series of posts on things about Norway that I think are interesting and/or funny. Some of these “things” include the origin of the word “Quisling,” the waffle hour failure, important historical information you’ll need to know about for a post I’ll be writing in a few days, the time that Norway was forgotten, and a man I have lovingly nicknamed “nut” because he’s, well, a nutcase. Possibly other things as well if I think of any.

When I was writing up there about the waffle hour failure, I just sat there for about 10 seconds trying to figure out the correct way to spell “waffle.” The only thing I could think of was the Norwegian way to spell it, “vaffel.”

Anyways, I’m going to do some exploring around Oslo again and take lots of pretty pictures, especially since I walked through a picturesque neighborhood the other day. I can’t do that until it stops raining and the fog clears, though, which might not happen for a while.

ALSO, because I’m an overachiever, I want to take you on a video tour around Oslo. Again, this is subject to weather conditions, and I have to test how well the video camera on my camera works before I commit to anything.

In addition, I’ll reveal my next travel plans once I have them figured out (oops), and my friend and I have grandiose plans to go jump in the (freezing cold) lake.

Now I need to resume studying, because I just forgot about something really important that I need to know for tomorrow. AHHH STRESS.


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