Fisherman’s Bastion and more kürtőskalács in Budapest, Hungary – Grand European tour part XI

I hardly get to sleep in these days, and it’s quite depressing. Because I only spend one or two days in major cities, I wake up early to maximize exploration time in the new city. I hate waking up early, especially day after day, but it needs to be done.

That’s why I was especially thrilled to sleep in today. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sleep in too long since construction workers decided it was completely necessary to tear up the sidewalk right outside our hostel that morning, but I did stay in bed until 9 or so.

I puttered and putzed for the rest of the morning, then I headed out into Budapest to do more exploring. I walked back over to the Royal Palace but went a bit further this time, and came first to Matthias Church, which was absolutely gorgeous. And look at that roof! It’s so colorful.

Just past Matthias Church was the Fisherman’s Bastion (Halaszbastya), which was likewise incredible (warning: picture vomit to ensue). The whole area looked like something out of a fairy tale, minus the hordes of tourists. I spent some time wandering around the entire area, just taking in the white towers. Also, if you go here, a hint–the tourists tend to mob around the first part of the Bastion that you come to, near the statue. If you keep walking farther along the towers, there are far less people. You can get much better pictures over here.

After taking an excessive number of pictures, I walked back towards the Royal Palace. I bought another kürtőskalács because I simply couldn’t resist. I was planning on taking a picture of this one before I ate half of it… but I forgot. I didn’t remember until I had eaten about 75% of it, so on the whole that worked quite well.

I walked back down the massive hill and over to another church with a beautiful roof, and then afterwards I stocked up on more food at the supermarket and headed back to the hostel. I went to bed quite early because I had to get up at four the next morning for a fun day of travelling…

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