Burritos and bratwurst in Nuremberg, Germany – Grand European tour part XV

I love Mexican food. I eat a fair amount of it back home in the US – tacos, quesadillas, burritos… mmmm. There’s a restaurant right by my campus called Chipotle which is frequently inhabited by my friends and I since they have delicious burritos.

Norway is not as big on Mexican food as the US. I mean sure, I’ve had tacos here, but no burritos. I need burritos.

My obsession for burritos became so bad that my last night in Munich, I had a dream about eating a burrito.

Yeah, it was that bad.

The following morning I traveled to Nuremberg, Germany, which is only a few hours away from Munich. I was just planning on staying in Munich another day so that I could go to Dachau, but because of a festival or something, all the hostels in Munich were booked out. I figured Nuremberg was a good alternative.

I had no idea just how good it would be.

First of all, Nuremberg is a cute city. It’s what I imagine when I think of Germany. A castle, picturesque buildings on a river, a creepy statue of a boat and a skeleton? Aw yeah, that’s where it’s at.

Also, A FREE PUBLIC BATHROOM. Let me repeat that, because it’s important.


See, in Europe, public bathrooms are not free. It’s one of the things I hate most about Europe. I mean, if you gotta pee, you gotta pee, and plus holding it in is not exactly good for your kidneys or bladder.

So imagine my delight when I find a free bathroom right by the castle. I couldn’t contain my delight, and it only increased my love for this city.

I spent my first day in Nuremberg just wandering around the city center. At one point I came across a big shopping center, where I happened to find a stand selling bratwurst.

Bratwurst is something else I’ve really missed while in Norway. Because a considerable portion of my ancestry is German, my family is big on eating bratwurst, and I haven’t eaten any in months. Of course Germany was the perfect place to right that wrong.

The bratwurst was delicious, and the people who sold it to me were very friendly, enthusiastically telling me to enjoy Nuremberg and Germany.

After eating, I wandered back over towards the train station, then started to walk back to the hostel. Along the way, I made possibly the best discovery in all of my travels.


Sometimes dreams do come true.

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