Travellin’ on the fly in Munich, Germany – Grand European tour part XIV

Sometimes you just have to revise your travel plans on the fly. I’ve had to do this a few times, but it was far from being over for me.

Initially I was planning on travelling to Poland and spending a few days there. Since my mom wanted me to visit a concentration camp before I returned to the US, I was planning on going to Auschwitz. However, I found out later that Poland is not included on the Eurail global pass, which means that I would have to spend about 200 Euros in train tickets to get there and back.

Just not going to happen.

Instead I decided to travel back to Munich to spend a day or two there. Because Dachau, another concentration camp, is located near to Munich, I could visit that one instead of Auschwitz from Munich.

Well, that didn’t happen. Turns out Dachau is closed on Mondays, and I happened to be in Munich on a Monday. Instead I wandered around Munich (again, haha), bought some fish and chips, bought some Starbucks (I have a serious weakness for frappuccinos), and took pictures of some things I hadn’t seen before.

I wandered around the town lazily and did some relaxing, which was a good way to spend a day since I was already so exhausted.

Just means that more improvisation would have to continue in the following days.


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