Vampires in Vatican City and Angels in Rome – Grand European tour part XIX

I wasn’t joking about Jared and I sleeping like the dead. We woke up the next morning at a leisurely 11 o’clock, and we only got up then because the hostel owner roused us so that she could clean the room. Since we slept so late, we just figured we would go to lunch right away. We went to another restaurant near our hostel, though not the same as the day before, and once again I ordered pizza.

I just can’t help that Italian pizza is amazing.

Afterwards the waiter brought out cups filled with something; as we saw him approaching the table, we panicked since we thought he was bringing us lemon shots again. Luckily this time it was nothing more than a refreshing lemon ice treat.

Our stomachs full and content, we made our way over to Vatican City. Just outside Vatican City, a woman trying to sell tour tickets for the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica stopped us. Man, was that woman a vampire. She simply would not take no for an answer, and when we continued to refuse, she became rude. Eventually we just walked (ran) away from her, but it was ridiculous.

We headed first to the Vatican Museums, since the vampire told us that the ticket office would close early since it was a Saturday. We bought our tickets and got into the museums in record time since there was hardly any line at all. Jared and I were both pleasantly surprised by this, me especially since I was worried we wouldn’t get into the museums in time if there was a long line.

The main reason we went to the Vatican Museums was to see the Sistine Chapel. We weren’t the only ones who went for this sole reason, and the people who run the Vatican Museums realize this. So, in order to actually get exposure to the other beautiful artwork they have, all visitors have to go through all the other museums (or most of them) in order to get to the Sistine Chapel, which is near the end. Sometimes this is a crazy mess because there are just so many people, but I have to admit, some of the stuff we saw was gorgeous.

Like basically every single ceiling in that place. I took an excessive number of pictures just of ceilings because they all blew my mind.

They also have a section of a building filled with Egyptian artwork, which, because I’ve always been very interested in ancient Egypt, I enjoyed going through.

Also, they had a mummy. It was sweet.

We wandered through room after room, saw painting after painting, and then finally we made it to the Sistine Chapel. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t let me in to see it. Because it’s a religious place, they emphasize that you need to respect the dress code, which includes not wearing shorts. Guess who was wearing shorts that day? Actually, guess who had nothing but shorts with them? Luckily for me, they didn’t enforce the dress code, so I was allowed in to see it.

The Sistine Chapel was just mind-blowing. I don’t have pictures of it since we weren’t allowed to take pictures (and for once I respected the rule), but it was just… wow. Jared and I stood with our heads craned up towards the ceiling for a long time, just trying to let it soak in.

We then left, but that was not the end of the Vatican Museums. No, of course not! We were forced to walk through more rooms filled with stunning artwork, but by this time we were suffering from artwork overload so we moved quickly through it. Eventually we reached the end, walked down this crazy giant spiral ramp, and then we were back outside in the heat of Rome.

We then went over to go see St. Peter’s Basilica, which you can only access by a different entrance. We stood around outside for a while, tried to get into the basilica, were denied entrance because of my shorts, and stood around outside for a while again while I ranted about how girls wearing shorter shorts than what I was wearing were allowed to go into the basilica.

Eventually Jared got sick of my bitterness so we left Vatican City, bought some gelato (since gelato makes everything better), and walked over to Castel Sant’Angelo and Ponte Sant’Angelo. We then ate dinner at a restaurant near the bridge, and this time I got ravioli, which were yummy. Afterwards we wandered aimlessly, BOUGHT MORE GELATO, then headed back to the hostel for some quality sleeptime.


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