Fairy shenanigans and Doctor Who in Glasgow, Scotland – Final European tour part III

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I geek out hardcore over Doctor Who.

If you haven’t been following my blog, now you know–I’m a massive fan of Doctor Who.

Seriously though, series 7 begins soon. Freak out!

Anyways, early the next morning I took a train from Edinburgh to Glasgow. I checked into my hostel, was told I would have to pay to have them store my luggage for me (what is this nonsense?!), and then headed to the train station, since I was heading out to a lake.

I had to walk to a different train station than the one I arrived in, and on the way I happened upon a police box.


I started geeking on the spot, and then I looked around to see if David Tennant was lurking in any nearby alleyways. I then spent the next two hours running around Glasgow making TARDIS noises and hunting for David Tennant.

Or maybe I continued walking to the train station and just imagined that I went hunting for the Doctor and he whisked me away to see the universe.

ANYWHO, I got off the train at Balloch, grabbed a map from a tourist information center, and then set off for a hike around the beautiful Loch Lomond.

The first part of the hike was right along the shores of Loch Lomond, but eventually the path turned from the lake and wound through the forest, through an area called Fairy Glen. I didn’t see any fairies in this section (and I was so prepared to blame any misfortunes on the fairies!), but I did walk next to a beautiful stream for a few minutes.

As I crossed a road and entered a new section of the woods, the path began winding upwards. It also became muddier. The path had been muddy earlier, but I had managed to skirt the sections of deep mud. As I climbed higher and higher up into the hills, it became extremely difficult to avoid the massive sections of mud. It required me to either walk off the path into the trees or either hop on rocks and branches protruding out of the mud.

Still, I did pretty well, and only got a bit of mud on my tennis shoes.

After some time I left the muddy forest and walked through a vast, damp field. Then once more through some trees, and finally I came to my destination–the top of a hill, with a beautiful view over Loch Lomond. I stayed there for some time just gazing upon the distant mountains before heading back.

My tennis shoes were not so lucky on the hike back. At one point a tree had fallen across the path, leaving about two feet of space under it. I’m too short to go over it, so going under it was my only option. This would have been fine, except there was also a stream that randomly decided to take over the path at this point. I placed my right foot carefully on a firm piece of ground, leaned down and shimmied under the tree, then planted my left foot… right into a piece of mud that collapsed and sent my foot straight down into the mud.

Mmm, lovely. Sorry shoe.

So my shoes were disgusting by this point. When I reached the little stream I described earlier in the Fairy Glen, I walked down the sloping hillside and just stood in the stream for a few minutes.

The water was a bit chilly, but it cleaned my shoes off quite nicely. When my shoes were clean enough, I scrambled out of the stream and back up to the path, almost falling down the slope and into the stream in the process.

Damn fairies.

I continued down the trail, stepped into another mud death trap (those fairies, I tell you), washed my shoes off in the stream again, and finally made it to a non-muddy grassy field where a castle was. I walked the rest of the way to the train station without muddying my shoes (though they were now soaking wet), took the train back to Glasgow, and ate fish and chips for dinner. I met some nice people in my hostel room and chatted with them for a while, then I hit the hay.

If you go to Loch Lomond/Balloch, I recommend taking a hike through the area, because it was absolutely gorgeous. Just wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, and please please please remember the bugspray.

Because I didn’t and I suffered for it.

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