Problems in Dublin, Ireland – Final European tour part I

Remember when I said I had no place to live? Yeah, this was when it became a problem. Because I didn’t work on my travel plans until close to the end of the month, flights anywhere were pretty expensive. One of the cheapest flights I could find was to Dublin, Ireland. One of my friends studied abroad in Dublin this summer so I asked if I could just stay with him for a few days while I got everything under control. He said it was fine (although he would have other friends over that weekend as well), so I flew off to Dublin for the second time.

I made my way to his place without getting lost, then walked into Dublin to meet up with him.

Oh by the way, this is the same friend I went to Rome with.

We spent the weekend just meandering around Dublin (truthfully, I spent most of the weekend asleep since I was exhausted). On the last full day I would be in Dublin, something happened that was not particularly good.

Basically, I ended up being kicked out of my friend’s place and my friend was threatened with a 100 Euro fine. Apparently Jared wasn’t supposed to have any non-tenants in the apartment, but he forgot about this. But yeah, they didn’t charge him (at least as far as I know–I don’t know that he would tell me if he was charged) and I managed to find a cheap hostel to spend the night. Jared had classes that day so we met after his classes for dinner.

What did we get? Burritos. We like our Mexican food.

And Jared is a bit of a wuss, I must say. We ordered some salsa fries along with our food that, admittedly, were a bit spicy. Jared ate a few and ended up drinking his entire soda within minutes. I ate most of the fries and drank maybe a quarter of my soda.

Clearly I am a champion of eating spicy food. Also I am a champion of eating fries.

We said goodbye since I would be leaving the following day, and it was a little weird since the next time we would be seeing each other would be back in Minnesota.

It’s hard to think that my time is running out.


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