To my best follower

From the very beginning of this blog, there was somebody who checked this blog daily. There was someone who read every post with relish. There was someone who told me how much she loved my blog; how much it made her laugh. There was someone who shared all my adventures with her friends at bridge club.

This person was my grandma.


Look at her. She’s a beauty.

I’ve always been very close to my grandma. I grew up living near her for most of my life, so I spent a lot of time with her and a lot of time on her farm. When I returned from Norway I visited her and recounted all my adventures to her once again. I showed her all the pictures I took.

She was always my best follower.

But time passes on and people age, and eventually, everybody’s time on this earth runs out. And even though I had plenty of time with my grandma, I still feel like I didn’t have enough.

Thanks, grandma, for always being there for me. Thanks for reading all my posts, even the stupid ones, and thanks for laughing at my crappy jokes. Thanks for listening to me as I yattered on for hours about Europe and how much I loved it. Thanks for putting up with me as I showed you the hundreds of pictures I took.

Thank you for everything. I love you and miss you greatly.

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